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Today’s high-performance concrete gets its durability and workability from chemical admixtures, and the precise, accurate dispensation of those admixtures is crucial for both ready-mix and precast concrete applications

Ready-mix and precast concrete suppliers face very difficult challenges in creating a workable, durable final product. While both modes of concrete production require the utmost accuracy in the dosing of admixtures or other chemicals, the equipment necessary to achieve a quality batch can differ in a ready-mix vs. precast concrete environment, especially for products like precast concrete blocks or walls.

Because of the harsh environment often involved with precast concrete manufacturing, suppliers need solutions that are durable, cost-effective, and require infrequent maintenance intervals for continuous, consistent production.     

Industrial Pump & Equipment has the knowledge and experience to create customized water batching solutions from industry-leaders such as Badger Meter, Yamada, and Milton Roy for superior quality ready-mix and precast concrete projects. In addition, we offer Sundyne packaged pump systems as well as Fybroc fiberglass pumps to optimize your precast concrete production for increased efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

What sets Industrial Pump & Equipment apart from other companies that supply the concrete industry is that our heavy investment in concrete is complemented by our in-depth knowledge of related industries, like oil & gas and chemical & petrochemical. From ensuring accurate dosing to maintaining proper temperature control, our industrial expertise allows us to engineer next-level concrete solutions.

Our expert technicians are dedicated to providing world-class equipment service, maintenance, and troubleshooting to keep you running 24/7. Whether it’s the most effective method for replacing API pump components or recalibrating your industrial water meter (see video below), IPEC’s equipment specialists have the knowledge base and industry experience to help you tackle any challenge.


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